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The velvet I use is 100% cotton it is a fabulously soft velvet and very smooth to touch and look at.  Even during the dying process the pile straightens out and it is NOT a crushed looking velvet at all.

The natural linen I use on the back of the covers is 100% linen.

The colours will fade naturally in sunlight and will take on a lovely aged feel in time, they will, like any fabric, fade a lot quicker in full sunlight. 

Dry cleaning is most advisable though if something gets spilled onto the fabric wipe gently as soon as possible with a damp clean cloth. The velvet pile will not mark with water contact and once dried the pile will go back to its smooth surface.

Washing not advisable as this will release dyes, the colour will become a lot paler and the linen back will shrink slightly.  


Dry cleaning only.


Before use you can oil your wooden spoon - olive oil/corn oil for example, this will help preserve the wood but it will darken the colour (this will happen in time anyway with use).

NEVER put in the dishwasher.

Wash in cold/warm soapy water and dry naturally. The wood will "lift" slightly with the first times you wash them but this can easily removed by rubbing smooth the surface once the spoon is completely dry with a dry scouring sponge and after a few times it will stay smooth and start to take on a wonderful patina. (This will also happen with use without having to scour the wood but will take a little longer to stay smooth). Once you have started to use your spoon, oil periodically to help preserve the wood. it is best not leave your spoons soaking too long in water.

The wood used mainly comes from offcuts of the furniture industry. e.g. unusable timber lengths in odd sizes, never any that have had any paint or glue treatments nor preservatives applied. These pieces would otherwise have been broken up and used for firewood, it is mainly Mvule wood, an East African teak. The tones vary slightly but will all darken with age and use and take on a wonderful patina.

Occasionally Neem wood is used, which is a sustainable quick growing hardwood with natural antibacterial properties amongst its many uses, this comes in various tones and is a much redder wood but darkens to a dark reddish brown with use and age.

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