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Velvet changes colour enormously depending on the light in which it is photographed, the direction of the pile and furthermore because there are so many layers of colour in my dying process, it will also change depending on what you put each one next to.

Then there is also the hurdle of how you view them, mostly now it seems by mobile phone, so it is beyond my magical powers to represent them other than as inspirations and as near as to the colours as I see them.

Some of the colours have a lot of strong colour veins running through them, this is very intentional.   


It is for this reason and to help with the process of making choices with other fabrics that you are working with that I offer to post out swatches free of charge.  

The colours will change frequently but I will re-dye similar colours that prove to be popular or that work well together.

There is a maximum of 8 colours per request, please do remember to include you mailing address as this will save loads of time, I am not the world's best emailer!